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I am the co-editor of one book and have published over 80 articles and peer-reviewed book chapters. Much of this work has been on systematic conservation planning and designing protected area networks but I have also published seminal work on conservation and corruption, conservation marketing and conservation capacity building. For more details on my work please visit my Google Scholar page

Edited book

amazon_icon Leader-Williams, N, Adams, WM and Smith, RJ (2010). Trade-offs in conservation: deciding what to save. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

Journal articles

Anagnostou, M, Mwedde, G, Roe, D, Smith, RJ, Travers, H and Baker, J (2020). Ranger perceptions of the role of local communities in providing actionable information on wildlife crime. Conservation Science and Practice, in press.
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Book chapters

Smith, RJ, Salazar, G, Starinchak, J, Thomas-Walters, L and Veríssimo, D (2020). Social marketing and conservation. In Conservation Research, Policy and Practice WJ Sutherland, PNM Brotherton, ZG Davies, N Ockendon, N Pettorelli, JA Vickery (Eds), pp 309-321, Cambridge University Press, UK.
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Book reviews

Smith, RJ (2017). Review of “Conservation Planning: Informed Decisions for a Healthier Planet by Craig. R. Groves and Edward T. Game (2015)“. Oryx, 51, 278.
Smith, RJ (2008). Review of “Systematic Conservation Planning by Chris Margules and Sahotra Sarkar (2007)“. Oryx, 42, 309-310.

Selected unpublished reports

PDF icon Juffe Bignoli, D, Deguignet, M, Park, S, Heo, HY, Kim, SG, Smith RJ, MacSharry, B and Kingston, N (2016). Protected Planet National Technical Series: Republic of Korea. UNEP-WCMC: Cambridge, UK.
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