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Media coverage

Conservation and corruption

Ivory and saving elephants: how corruption is undermining every aspect of conservation. 2015. My article in The Conversation

Most biodiverse nations also most corrupt. 2003. Coverage of our article on the UPI website.

Conservation and drones

Saving rhinos with anti-poaching drones in South Africa. 2015. A radio interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The promise of drones in South Africa’s poaching crisis. 2015. Quoted on the Motherboard website.

Using drones to save elephants and rhinos could backfire. 2014. My article on the Guardian website.

Conservation, flagship species and marketing

Extinction: Meet the new poster animals of conservation. 2020. Coverage of our Nature Communications article on the BBC website.

Even ugly animals can win hearts and dollars to save them from extinction. 2017. Our article on The Conversation website.

Cinderella animals: endangered species that could be conservation stars. 2012. Coverage of our article on the Mongabay website.

Branding land: Conservation marketers choose land over beast. 2008. Interview on the Economist Green.view blog.

Save “Poster Species” First, Conservation Study Says. 2005.  Quoted on the National Geographic website.

Identifying priority areas for conservation

‘No take zones’ in English Channel would benefit marine wildlife and the fishing industry. 2015. Coverage of our article on the Science Newsline website.

The real cost of conservation: cheap protection rarely succeeds. 2014. Coverage of our article on the Mongabay website.

Low-cost countries are not the best conservation investment. 2014. Coverage of our article on the TerraDaily website.

Rhino conservation

Scientists create hybrid embryos to save white rhinos. 2018. Quoted in the New York Post.

UK expert: Texan auction of black rhino kill permit is ‘perfectly reasonable’ conservation method. 2014. Interview on the Wired UK website.

Stemming the rhino carnage. 2014. Quoted on the IOL website.

Other stories

Fantastic beasts: everything you need to know about conservation studies. 2018. Coverage of the DICE MSc courses in conservation in the Guardian.

Scientists call for radical change in how conservation research is funded and organised. 2009. Coverage of our article on the Alpha Galileo website.

Hunting for sport can boost conservation. 2008. Coverage of our article on the Conservation Magazine website.

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